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Our relationship with Christ will only grow and develop when we spend time with Him on a consistent basis.

I used to have my #DailyTimeWithGod in the evenings – after work, dinner, errands and anything else that I had to do throughout the day. I would end my day in His presence. I would climb in the bed with my bible and journal in hand. The next morning I would often wake up with my bible next to my pillow. Because I was tired from the day, I would not even make it through my study and prayer time before my meeting with Mr. Sandman. I distinctly heard God say this to me:

“Tanika, you give me your left overs. You rise early to go to work, go through your entire day, work, run errands, have fun and eat natural food all under my protective covering and then you come home and give me what you have left. What if I saved you for last?” From that day forward, I committed to giving God the first fruits of my day. I rise early to study His Word and have my prayer time. Do I ever miss a day? Absolutely! That’s when I focus on grace more than perfection, which is a focus of mine in 2016!

Accountability is often a key to success. I have had many women reach out to me to be their accountability partner for spending time with God on a daily basis. So, what better way than to start an accountability group for #DailyTimeWithGod?!

Our first group will run from February 15th through March 25th. I am accepting a maximum of 25 women who want to get serious about developing a more intimate relationship with God.  A private Facebook group will also be set up for us to meet one another and hold each other accountable for spending time with God on a daily basis.

What are the Benefits of the #DailyTimeWithGod Accountability Group?

  • Develop a more intimate relationship with Christ through Study of His Word and daily Prayer Time
  • Resources and ideas for how to arrange your daily time in The Word
  • Connect with a small community of women for accountability to develop your spiritual growth
  • Receive daily inspiration to your inbox to encourage you to spend time with God daily
  • At the beginning of each week, you will receive scriptures, encouragement and resources for spending time with God on a daily basis.

THIS GROUP IS NOW CLOSED! Please look out for the next groups starting in April.  

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